Monthly Archives: September 2006

A soldier with heart

A soldier with heart

This guy was bunkered down in the gutter as I made my way to work one morning in the winter of ’06. When you pull his right arm down, his chest opens to reveal his heart. His big, brave heart also lights up when you turn on the switch in the back of his head — just like an authentic Royal British Guard.

(unfortunately, I had left the switch on so the battery died and his heart wouldn’t light up for me at the time the photo was taken)

A note from the inside

Jeuvy I found this note on the edge of the sidewalk on the way to work. I have censored the author’s name and address to protect his/her privacy.

While I have never spent any time on the inside, I think this note is likely from a kid in juvenile hall, to possibly a mentor or former fellow inmate. At any rate, they bonded and will never be reunited because I have this note. Sorry ’bout that. Good luck with your spelling and grammar.