Monthly Archives: October 2006

Implicit movie review

This DVD is entitled “The Girl Next Door – Unrated”.

  • Side A: Feature
  • Side B: Supplemental

The Girl Next Door DVDI found it tossed aside, resting against the median on Victoria Avenue. Not only is the disc kinked up — Side B looks like it was put under someone’s tire who then spun the wheel. I guess it wasn’t a very good movie. I could have told them that… did you see those previews? Terrible.

Canadian ball

Canadian BallThis was amongst the autumn leaves in the gutter. It is made of foam and is a bit scuffed up — possibly from abuse by an American who, once the ball said “Stop roughing me up”, replied with “You Canadians are always crying about something!” Then a member of the UN probably came along and said, “Okay, Yankee, you can’t be doing that” to which the American replied “We’ll do what we want! Either you’re with us or you’re against us!”

I am speculating on certain details but from what I can tell, that is this ball’s story.

Eatin and beatin

Eatin and beatinAn adventurous reader lost track of this library slip. It looks like he had quite the night planned. I didn’t know the library lent out “Adult” magazines. But boy, this guy was clearly excited that they do.

Please keep this slip as a reminder“… that you are creepy.

Repent now, foul sinner.

Repent now, foul sinner.This was on the sidewalk on Argyle Street as I walked home today. The message is quite clear: praise God or else.

The note is decayed a bit so there may have been something logical on there, but I doubt it. It looks like Jesus read this one, crumpled it up and threw it away. God sends litterbugs to Hell, so that could be quite the snag.