Monthly Archives: December 2006

The resume

The resumeOn my way to work one day, I happened upon a large envelope. Inside, were about half a dozen resumes. They were not very good — poorly written and not much for content. So a couple of co-workers and I decided we would help the kid out.

We rewrote his resume — reworked the structure, concentrated on transferable job skills. We even gave him a couple of real references. Hopefully they’re not too surprised when they’re called. Then we gave the resume a more appealing layout, printed out half a dozen copies and mailed them back to the kid.

Good luck with the job hunt.

RCMP leather glove

RCMP leather gloveThis leather, size 11, RCMP standard issue glove was lying on the sidewalk on 13th Avenue today. It must have been lost shortly before I found it because the inside was damp rather than frozen. That is snow on the outside of the glove. I wonder if the left one was lost as well.

One glove isn’t much use to someone with two hands and since it doesn’t fit me, I phoned the RCMP to let them know I have it. I will probably get a sizable reward for turning this bad boy in.

I found a handgun too but I’m keeping that.