Monthly Archives: February 2007

Fortune cookie

Fortune cookieThis was still in its wrapper on the sidewalk… a few feet from a mashed Chinese food meal that was scattered about the sidewalk. As if it wasn’t lucky enough, it had two fortunes inside!

  1. You will be a great success – both in business and socially.
  2. You will be recognized and honored as a community leader.

Boy, things are really shaping up.

Tattoo drawing

Tattoo drawingThis was crumpled in a ball near a tattoo shop a block from work. I guess they decided this drawing was not good enough for a tattoo design. They were correct.

I don’t know what this is supposed to represent. My guesses are: random design, vague map, character from an alphabet I am not familiar with, an oil drilling rig with a penis (look upside-down), or some kind of gang symbol.

This drawing isn’t very interesting at all. I guess they can’t all be winners.

Puppy beanie

Puppy beanieI found this little guy in the muck on the ground. He was dirty — covered in mud and dirt. I brought him home and gave him a good wash. I was going to set him on top of the mailbox near where I found him but I’ll probably drop him off at a toy bank or Value Village.

Kathy must call

Bank of Montreal noteIt looks like the big boys from the Bank of Montreal needed to get a hold of Kathy. Lucky for her, she has someone trustworthy who can take a good phone message. Unlucky for her, that person cannot be trusted with a piece of paper.

If Kathy’s number were also on the note, I could phone her and let her know that she needs to make this seemingly urgent call. Now I have no choice but to phone the Bank of Montreal to tell them that Kathy has $20,000 cash under her mattress, has no intention of calling them and has gone into hiding. That is going to cause some real problems for all the people out there named Kathy.

Licence plate

Licence plateSaskatchewan law says that a driver’s vehicle must be equipped with at least one licence plate. I wonder if this was the only licence plate on a vehicle or if it was a spare. I like to imagine it was the only one and the registered owner will eventually find this site and curse its name.


On the back of this tattered photograph it says:

NoraTo: Adam

2006 Grad

Love: Nora

Nora looks like a pleasant gal and I wonder when this picture got lost. Did Nora lose it before she gave it to Adam? Did Adam lose it after he got it from Nora? Perhaps this was the first time Nora was expressing her love for Adam. Perhaps now he will never know.

Maybe Adam and Nora sat in class gazing at each other with affectionate expressions — only wishing they had the courage to profess their feelings for one another — but instead sat wondering with pained hope. Maybe this photograph was the last chance their love had… but was never given.

Cubed penguins squared

Cubed penguins squaredIt is cold in Regina — -31° plus the windchill. I found these two penguins in a little plastic cube on the way to work when the weather was not quite this bad. You can see them in the photo, at the penguins’ feet — little white balls representing snow flakes. When you shake the cube, the snow balls bounce around inside, batting the penguins in the face. I wonder if this had liquid in it at one point.