Monthly Archives: March 2007

Bank book

Bank bookI found this bank book just a few doors down from my house. It has only one transaction listed in it: a $400 deposit on March 21, 2002. Account balance: $400. “John & Levi” is written by the account number on the front. I wonder if that $400 is still sitting in the account. I think I’ll stop this off at the bank downtown so they can return it to John and Levi. You never know.

The cover has the old Royal Bank of Canada logo. How’s that for a nice little trip down memory lane?

The Roving I

The Roving II found this book jacket one block from the library to which it belongs. It is The Roving I by Eric Nicol. It is a “collection of humorous sketches by a brilliant young west coast writer.”

I must admit, I am a bit intrigued. I would like to have read just one story but all I have is the jacket. Tomorrow on the way to work, I will drop it off at the library. I wonder if the borrower will get fined. Probably… this is serious stuff. I wonder what happened to the rest of the book.