Monthly Archives: April 2007

Boxing glove

Boxing gloveThis was a nice find — an Everlast boxing glove for the left hand. I found this on my street in the gutter.

This brings back memories. When I was a kid my friend had only one pair of boxing gloves. He was right-handed while I happen to be a south-paw. It worked out nicely — we each used a glove and slugged it out, one-handed.

If I find the right one, I’ll have to call him up.

Cell phone battery

Cell phone batteryAbout a week ago I saw this cell phone battery lying in the gutter amongst some leaves. I just glanced at it as I walked by, not bothering to pick it up. Once I got to work, I realised I should have picked it up.

Today I happened to notice it lying in the same spot, so I picked it up. The contact is a bit corroded — I’m not sure if this happened in the weather or if it’s the reason the battery was thrown away to begin with.

Shopping list

Shopping listA misplaced shopping list on a piece of paper shaped like a rounded star.

  • hairspray
  • black pantyhose
  • navy
  • purse for Raina
  • Photoshop Elements 5.0
  • lotion jergens
  • coke

Almost all of this could be taken care of in a trip to one store. Only Photoshop Elements and joining the navy would have to be done elsewhere.