Monthly Archives: May 2007

Toy gun

Toy gunThis “Detective Special” looks like a .38 super-stub nose. It was made in China and apparently not strong enough to withstand a good pistol-whipping.

I was going to play with it but the trigger’s spring is shot. Other than that, it’s perfect.

Beautiful purse

Beautiful purseThis beautiful purse was lying on the road in front of City Hall. I risked life and limb to snatch it from the stream of rush hour traffic.

It has no brand markings but it must be of high-quality. It is made of white vinyl, and what I’m sure is pure gold. It also features a zippered compartment that is suitable for storing things.

I was hoping it would be stuffed full of cash. I know it’s wrong but because it was empty I almost resent the woman whose hand I pried it from.

Seven of Diamonds

Seven of DiamondsThis was lying in front of the detox centre, next to a bush. I am not sure how things work in detox but this item may be contraband. I found only one card. If the rotary phone behind this secretary is any indication, the rest of the deck is just as titillating. Hold my calls, please.