Monthly Archives: June 2007

Pontiac hubcap

Pontiac hubcapIt’s hilarious when this happens. I’ve witnessed a hubcap coming off a cornering car only twice in my life… but it was wonderful. I found this by a curb and only wish I could have seen it come off. But I still had a chuckle when I found it.

Teeny bouncer

Teeny bouncerThis was a good find that provided me with minutes of entertainment on the walk home.

When I was a kid we called this a “teeny bouncer” — I think because that was the name on the vending machine graphic that dispensed them. I’m not sure what they call them now. I bounced and caught it as I walked along and had a great old time.

At one point the ball hit a burp in the sidewalk and it went awry. I had to chase it down and collect it from the road again. That was only a minor hurdle; once I retrieved the ball the fun was once again in full swing.