Monthly Archives: July 2007

Princess puzzle piece

Princess puzzle pieceElegant, beautiful and enchanting. These are the words I used to describe myself right before I found this princess puzzle thing. Much like a real princess, it was thrown to the side of road once it was of no more use. This piece features the number “7” which is a fine number. Sssseven.

Squishy ball

Squishy ballI found this on my street today — it’s one of those squishy balls that feel mushy when you squeeze them. They might be for stress relief of strengthening of weak hands (one at a time). Sadly, this squishy ball was destroyed when I found it. It seems to have no trouble squishing but it no longer unsquishes.

After I took the picture I squeezed it once and the stuff inside oozed onto my hand. Its texture was very similar to toothpaste but it did a notably poor job of cleaning my teeth. It tasted awful, too.

Shotgun shell

Shotgun shellThis lone spent 12 gauge was lying beside a car parked on Victoria Avenue. Why it was there is anyone’s guess but I would bet a bank heist occurred downtown and the masked robbers jumped into their ’83 Coupe de Ville getaway car, sped off down Albert Street, narrowly missed various vehicles and pedestrians, squealed onto Victoria Avenue while being pursued by the police, fired a couple of shots out the window from their 12 gauge Winchester, had a tire shot out by the pursuing police, dumped the car and took off on foot while dollar bills blew out of the bag of loot. Then they probably got tired and went home. Wow, that was exciting!