Monthly Archives: August 2007

Someone’s teeth

Someone’s teethIt is disturbing enough that someone managed to lose a flipper. What is worse is that this one is broken in half. Considering where I found it, I suspect it was broken while still in the owner’s face. The blood is also a hint. The teeth are also disgustingly dirty… something I also suspect occurred while they were still in the owner’s face.

I can’t say for certain but I am pretty sure the hepatitis infected my hand after I picked these up. But I’m still going to hang onto the teeth so at parties I can put them in my mouth and do character bits.

Important to do list

To do listUh oh. It looks like someone misplaced a pretty important note.

  • folk fest
  • tix 4 smitty
  • Cull Royal Bank (I’d start with the cash)
  • price out shingles & eve’s (I guess Eve needs her shingles priced out, too)
  • Do not consolidate money to time share & home renovation
  • mortgage payment
  • how much
  • $20,000
  • time share $8,000

Once they’re finished culling Royal Bank they shouldn’t have to worry about much on the list, especially paying for Eve’s and their shingles.