Monthly Archives: September 2007

Headless princess

Headless princessEven though this princess figure is missing her head and one of her feet, she still has a dignified majesty about her. It looks like the head was ground off by something… so she died a noble death.

My niece loves princess stuff so I’ll save this one for her. She’ll get a lot of play out of it. I think it’s a good idea to teach kids about diversity at a young age.

Happy anniversary to! It’s been one lovely year and 40 found items.

Name tag

Name tagGarrett’s name tag must have slid right off his uniform at the lubrication station. Look, someone put “Leaf” above the name… maybe that’s supposed to be a reference to Leif Garrett. Pretty funny, those Pennzoil boys.

There isn’t an oil change place anywhere near where I found this. I guess Garrett lost it on his way to work… or threw it out the car window after his final shift — exclaiming, “I’ve had it with that place!” *vrrrroooooooooommm…*