Monthly Archives: October 2007


SeahorseThe interesting thing about seahorses is that the males become pregnant and give birth. The pregnancy lasts just a few weeks. What I didn’t know is that seahorses are green, rigid and made of plastic.

I found this one on a crosswalk — it must have somehow lost its way. It looks scared stiff, likely from the chaotic rush hour traffic I rescued it from.

Beautiful creatures, aren’t they?

Inmate ID card

Inmate ID card#04741443 is on the loose. Perhaps it’s because he served his time but it is more likely that he escaped. Maybe laundry duty finally got to Landry and he hopped into a pile of linens and just rolled out of there. It’s probably a little more complicated than that.

This ID card is damaged with several cigarette burns. In the clink, cigarettes are like money. The downside is that smoking is very unhealthy and I don’t think they tell you that on the inside.

Landry, if you happen to read this… we’re cool?