Monthly Archives: March 2008

SD Card

SD CardIt’s not very often that I find something I can actually use or that has value. I was delighted to find this SD card. Not too shabby! It was pretty dirty and a bit scuffed up. But once I got it home and cleaned it up, it turned out to be be useless after all.

I would rather have told a tale about how the card works like a charm and happened to be full of content that would make your head spin! Alas, I just cannot bring myself to tell a lie.

Phone card

Phone cardThis Arabian phone card was lying on the sidewalk. I thought someone may have misplaced it and I could shoot the breeze with someone from Arabia. Maybe a king or sultan or something.

I tried the card when I got home. A voice recording said something about Hawaii and I got scared and hung up. After I regained my composure, I tried again but it was busy. I got through the third time but the voice recording told me there were 0 minutes left on the card.

Maybe I’ll make an Arabian friend another day. But I don’t know… it seems like a lot of work.