Monthly Archives: June 2008

SAIT staff ID card

A SAIT staff ID cardI found these ID cards in front of a deli. They must have fallen either before, after or during the eating of a sandwich.

They seem to be brand new, so it was easy for my pasted photo booth picture to look like it belonged on the card. It was a wild ride from there. I taught classes in Civil Engineering Technology, Baking and Pastry Arts, and Medical Radiologic Technology (which I particularly enjoyed).

I was discovered only because I used the term skiagrapher which is apparently no longer in use.

Odd balls

I found these balls at different times on the same day.

The orange ball was near a school playground. It probably belongs to the school. The golf ball was lying at the side of the road as I returned to work from lunch. It probably belongs to Arnold Palmer. In any case, I kept them both. I think I deserve them.

I’ve been trying to come up with a new game where both are used but so far nothing has come to mind.

Tweed fedora

Tweed fedoraThis stylish tweed fedora must have blown off the head of a local gangster, detective, or reporter in the midst of a gusty scoop.

These hats have become popular again, after having been snubbed for a few decades. The only people who seem to have shown any loyalty to the hat are Indiana Jones and Freddy Krueger.

I think there is a lot we could all learn from Indy and Freddy.