Monthly Archives: July 2008

Stuffed frog

Stuffed frogThis guy is kind of cute. I liked him right away and named him Little Frog. It’s an Irish name, which means “small frog”.

When my nephew comes over, he likes to play with Little Frog. When he’s a little older, I’ll explain that he’s been playing with a toy that I found on the dirty ground.

I’ll keep that in my back pocket until he does something bad.

Graffiti marker

Graffiti markerI’m cleaning up the streets and I’m starting with graffiti. Well, sort of. I’m starting with this marker that was likely used for graffiti. I’m not actually going to scrub or paint over graffiti–that’s quite a bit of work. So really, I cleaned up part of a street by picking up this marker. But there is no denying that I helped clean up the streets a bit.

Another licence plate

It’s kind of neat when I find items similar to ones I’ve already found before. This licence plate, for example, bears a striking similarity to this one I found over a year ago.

Now I have a couple of options when I’m using my vehicle while committing a crime. I can appear to be someone else if I hang one of the plates under my nose like a moustache.

Deck of cards

A scattered deck of cardsThese cards were scattered about the ground, soaked from a good rain. I thought there was a chance this was the rest of the deck of a couple of cards I found in May. No such luck.

Four cards are missing from this deck so all you could really play is a game of 48 pickup. I guess they would work for poker, since I cheat anyway.