Monthly Archives: August 2008

Tattered umbrella

Tattered umbrella with wooden handleI have never been fortunate enough to see someone’s umbrella turn inside out in the midst of a wind-blown rain storm. But I look forward to it.

That may have happened to this umbrella before it was angrily tossed onto the bush I found it on. It doesn’t pay to cheap out when buying an umbrella, as this person should now know. I don’t think littering helped matters, either.

Matt & Nat wallet

I stumbled upon this Matt & Nat wallet infront of my apartment building. I figured I would get in touch with the owner and try to return it right away. So I carried it to work, which did nothing for my masculinity.

Inside was all kinds of identification so getting in touch with the owner was easy. As it turns out, her boyfriend lives in my building so I walked to and from work carrying a ladies wallet for nothing. We made arrangements and by 10pm, the wallet was returned to its owner, with one extra penny inside.

Security access cards

Two security access cardsI found this pair of security access cards and tried to return them to the rightful owner. I contacted the card manufacturer, since the cards have a seemingly unique ID number on them. They told me to just destroy them.

Since I’ve always wondered what they are like on the inside, I peeled them apart. I discovered that these things are unnecessarily bulky. Their design could be significantly shrunk to an unobtrusive size that would fit nicely on a keychain. The only downside is that they would be easier to lose.

Save the tatas keychain

Save the tatas keychainThere is nothing funny about cancer, which probably explains why karma caught up with this jokester. “Save the tatas?” A bit crass, don’t you think?

This was lying on the sidewalk in front of an apartment complex. It had a suitcase key on it and probably belonged to one of the tenants. Karma also made me throw the key away and give the keychain to a friend. That’s the way karma works, I guess. There is nothing funny about cancer.