Monthly Archives: February 2009

Burnt shoes

Burnt shoesAn interesting story, these shoes. They belonged to a sprinter. He would run so fast, that people would say, “If that boy runs any faster, his shoes’ll catch fire.”

Well, one day as the sprinter was sprinting home to outrun an oncoming rainstorm, he was struck by lightning. These shoes are all that is left.

Rubber chicken photos

Rubber chicken photosThese photos were sticking out of a snow bank across the street from work. Someone wanted them to be found. Maybe that someone even knows about this website, where I work, and that I pick junk up off the ground.

Three photos: each depicting a rubber chicken in less-than-compromising positions. The rubber chicken is a classic staple of comedy. It’s too bad more thought wasn’t put into these photos. For example, the rubber chicken could have been shown throwing a pie in someone’s face, or squirting them with a little seltzer bottle.