Monthly Archives: June 2009

A beggar’s sign

A beggar's signAfter walking between the cars at a red light with an extended upside-down hat, the beggar’s hat was still empty. He walked back to the sidewalk and snapped into a rage, throwing his sign at the cars. He then stormed down the street, leaving the sign behind. When I left work, the sign was lying in the gutter and the angry beggar was nowhere to be seen.

A recession is difficult for many. But this guy was an angry jerk even before the recession. I saw him a few days later with a new sign and the same cheery demeanor.

Baby stroller receipt

Baby stroller receiptI found this receipt under the bridge. It’s for over $700 so I thought the purchaser might like it back for insurance and warranty purposes. Through the goodness of my heart and the miracle of Facebook, I sent her a note.

We made a plan to meet in front of a coffee shop on a busy street the following week. I showed up. She didn’t bother. Thanks, Sheena. That’s good karma.

5 dollars

Five dollar billI had just enjoyed a nice lunch and when I left the restaurant, this reimbursement was waiting for me on the sidewalk. It didn’t cover my whole lunch but I was still happy to find it.

I’ve got the hang of finding the small bills now. I’d like to find some big bills, like $50 or $1000. I could buy a nice lunch with one of those.