Monthly Archives: July 2009

Vanilla condom

Vanilla condomThis vanilla flavoured condom was a half block away from work, lying in the gutter. It could have been dropped before it was needed… or after it wasn’t. Frustrating, either way. But how safe is safe sex if it’s on a busy street, anyway?

I don’t think it should be labeled as vanilla. It definitely has more of a malt flavour.

Plush Pikachu

PikachuI know this is Pikachu from Pokemon, but that is where my knowledge of it ends. He has special powers and is some kind of little pet to a boy with a hat. There is also a red and white ball, and I think that is what he lives inside of.

I don’t know why he’s crying blood. I think his eyes rusted and stained his face. This is inaccurate from the real Pikachu, whose real eyes are made of cartoon.