Monthly Archives: September 2009

Foot callus scraper

Foot callus scraperDisgusting.

At first I thought this was a bottle opener but it looked a bit flimsy. I couldn’t open a single bottle with it. Then, I thought it was a tongue scraper. It worked quite well for that. But I noticed the brand name on the handle and after doing some research, I learned it is actually a foot callus scraper handle.

Disgusting but my feet have never been more smooth and beautiful.

Happy 3rd anniversary, Frozen Peas!

Mangled cell phone

Mangled cell phoneYet another cell phone, destroyed and thrown to the side of the road. I wonder if this happened with first-generation brick cell phones, as 2G phones became commonplace. That would explain the potholes.

I’d love to see a time lapse movie of all this recent cell phone smash & throw activity. I wonder why it’s so common on my route to work. It must have something to do with people thinking there is a link between cell phone use and cancer. Once they make that connection to smoking, I’ll be wading through cigarettes.

Pink smashed cell phone

Pink cell phoneHere’s another smashed cell phone. This one is pink, which hints that it was maybe a (mad) lady who smashed it. She seems nice.

Perhaps the lady got a new phone and discarded this one in smashy fashion. Perhaps the phone slipped from her fingers as she hovered over the city in a hot air balloon. Perhaps she abruptly ended a phone call with a cheating lover.

You can tell a lot about a person by her phone.

Cell phone

Cell phoneI found another discarded cell phone. This particular cell carrier is not short of critics. I won’t get into it.

Maybe the owner finally had enough and screamed, “I’ve had enough!” as the phone was angrily thrown from the car window. I actually did the same thing a few years ago, only slightly less dramatic. It was more of a whisper, I was on a bicycle and didn’t throw my phone.