Monthly Archives: October 2009

MAC Lipglass

MAC LipglassI found this lip gloss under a bridge. I don’t know if someone was using it under the bridge or if it was just dropped there.

I bet the owner later dug around for it in her purse, frustrated that she couldn’t find it. By that point, the tube was half empty and I was basking in attention and compliments.

Idaho magnet

Idaho magnetI found a refrigerator but after carrying it for a few blocks realized that it was just too heavy to lug around. I took this magnet from its door instead and found it to be much more manageable.

This is a magnet with a few facts about the state of Idaho, which is a part of the United States of America.

What the magnet doesn’t tell you is that Idaho’s residents are called “Idahoans”, the city of Boise has a S Peasley Street and that in 2007, the state had known 49 murders. It is also against Idaho law to fish on a camel’s back.

Note from an angry parker

You are in my space!I know how this person feels. I’ve written notes just like this, only less angry. Then I smash out the windows of the offending vehicle. Then I put the note on the driver’s seat.

I’ve also written a note like this when I felt that someone was standing too close to me. Sometimes, I just don’t want to deal with a verbal confrontation.