Monthly Archives: November 2009

Credit Card

Credit CardI found this credit card on the bridge, with no wallet or person in sight. I don’t know why someone would carry just a loose credit card. Maybe it had been stolen, then lost. Those absentminded thieves…

When I got to work, I phoned the number on the credit card. After bypassing their scrutinizing security checks, I spoke to someone who took my name and number to pass along to the credit card holder.

I haven’t heard from the guy yet. Rude. I didn’t *have to* rescue his card and credit rating and I don’t want anything in return. But a phone call, high praise, and a steak dinner would be appreciated.

Book of transit passes

Book of transit passesThis booklet contained seven transit passes. In this economy, this is a nice find.

The day after finding these, I stepped on a 3″ nail that penetrated my shoe and went into my foot. So these came in quite handy for me. I usually have a 2km walk to work. Thanks to finding these transit passes, that was greatly reduced.

Thanks to modern medicine, my chance of contracting tetanus was also greatly reduced because I had to get a needle after stepping on the nail.

Half a five dollar bill

Half a five dollar billYears ago on TV, I saw a feature about what to do if you find a partial dollar bill. They took it into the bank, it was put on a grid, and the value was calculated and paid out. Wanting to see this process for myself, I took the partial bill into a bank.

The first two people didn’t know what to do with it. The third person, clearly a genius, told me I needed the other half of the bill. The fourth person told me I needed at least 75% of the bill and that they don’t send them to the Bank of Canada until they have 100 of them.

So I left the bill with them, expecting to wait about 80 years to receive my $2.50. A few days later, they phoned and told me to just come in and get a replacement $5 bill. With it, I bought a lottery ticket.