Monthly Archives: March 2011

A kid’s wallet

This was lying on a sidewalk after having been looted, or dropped by a kid with a 5-cent candy habit. The only thing left was three expired transit passes, a YMCA membership card, and many school photos of the wallet’s owner.

In the modern day lost & found world, you can let someone know through Facebook that you found his wallet. Then he sends you many a confused reply accompanied by a Friend Request. The most entertaining part of the exchange was when Eskebar* asked me to meet him at a gas station at 3:10pm.

It turns out that Eskebar’s school is only a few blocks from where I found the wallet. The next morning, I delivered the wallet to Eskebar’s principal, who is one of the nicest people I have ever encountered. The Vice Principal who was monitoring the entrance was also nice; however, she let me walk right into the school without much question. I could have been any maniac with bad intentions.

*name has not been changed to protect Eskebar’s identity