Monthly Archives: July 2015

Raymond Weil watch

Raymond Weil Tango watchIf you’ve been watching this site, you’ve noticed that I don’t update it as frequently anymore. It’s about time for an update. Strap yourself in.

I found a fancy watch, a little too late. It is a Raymond Weil Tango. My internet research revealed that this was about a $900 watch, before it was run over and left in an alley. I could not find a price for after being run over and left in an alley.

It actually held up to the abuse quite well. The body of the watch is in good shape—a bit chewed up on the back edge. The strap took the brunt of the damage. The date is off by a day, so it is likely that some sort of time travel occurred.

I might replace the strap and improve my punctuality.