Save the tatas keychain

Save the tatas keychainThere is nothing funny about cancer, which probably explains why karma caught up with this jokester. “Save the tatas?” A bit crass, don’t you think?

This was lying on the sidewalk in front of an apartment complex. It had a suitcase key on it and probably belonged to one of the tenants. Karma also made me throw the key away and give the keychain to a friend. That’s the way karma works, I guess. There is nothing funny about cancer.

7 thoughts on “Save the tatas keychain

  1. Crass? I’m LOVING the Save the ta-tas! I think its brilliant! Crass would be a tshirt (or keychain) that said Save the tits! Doncha think?

  2. Save the TaTas is not a joke, they do in fact raise money and awareness for breast cancer. I just happen to be a cancer survivor and there is alot to be said for laughter! I wouldn’t have lived this long without it.

  3. Save the tatas is a charitable organization, which raises tons of money to support breast cancer awareness. There is nothing crass about this keychain!!! It’s a humerous way to say help support bc awareness. You speak about Karma…I would be worrying about it coming back to bite me in the a#* if I were you. What would ever make you throw away something that was not yours!!!!

  4. I like to call my breasts hooters, like the restaurant, and I call my brain bimbo and my butt is my hump, my lovely lady bump. Women, please have some self-respect! Why do you want to be a Barbie instead of a real person? “What’cha gonna do with all that stuff? All that stuff up in your trunk?”

  5. Oviously,you haven’t heard the saying “Karma’s A B**CH”
    And she is coming right for you. I say what ever it takes to get the attention for the cause. Spend less time saving us all from ourselves and
    Help Save Second Base. Yeah you probably think that was crass too
    So What!

  6. I lost my breast to cancer and now know what cancer awareness means. Save the tatas gets attention !!! thats awareness

  7. I am a breast cancer survivor, and have a save the tatas bumper sticker on my car. I am living proof that early detection saves lives. I love the bumper sticker, gonna get me a t shirt too. In my opinion, anything that raises awareness and saves some other woman from going thru the physical and emotional trauma of breast cancer can hardly be called “crass”

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