Half a five dollar bill

Half a five dollar billYears ago on TV, I saw a feature about what to do if you find a partial dollar bill. They took it into the bank, it was put on a grid, and the value was calculated and paid out. Wanting to see this process for myself, I took the partial bill into a bank.

The first two people didn’t know what to do with it. The third person, clearly a genius, told me I needed the other half of the bill. The fourth person told me I needed at least 75% of the bill and that they don’t send them to the Bank of Canada until they have 100 of them.

So I left the bill with them, expecting to wait about 80 years to receive my $2.50. A few days later, they phoned and told me to just come in and get a replacement $5 bill. With it, I bought a lottery ticket.

5 thoughts on “Half a five dollar bill

  1. So if you go to the bank with half a bill, they give you a whole one back. I like the math involved here. Perhaps this requires further testing with fifties and hundreds.

  2. ….so what if I tear half a $5 bill and submit it to the bank for a replacement. Then a week or so later go to another bank and submit the other half for a replacement? If that would work I’d score $5 !!

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